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A Year with Children


Graphic Designer


Exhibition Graphic Design/

Environmental Graphic Design


Guggenheim Museum





"A Year with Children 2018 is presented by Learning Through Art (LTA), the Guggenheim’s pioneering arts education program. This annual presentation showcases selected artworks by students in grades two through six from twelve public schools that participated in the LTA program during the 2017–18 school-year.  More than one hundred creative and imaginative works, including collages, drawings, found objects, installations, paintings, poems, and prints, will be on display."

I was selected as the graphic designer for the exhibition A Year of Children 2018. I developed the design concept, created main title graphics, and designed the visual and interactive touch points throughout the exhibition.

After examining artwork included in the exhibition, I found geometric shapes plays an important role in the program's education process. I chose three basic geometric graphics – square, circle and triangle –  as the motifs to connects touch points together, such as the title wall, in-gallery process boards, and exhibition labels. Working closely with the museum’s Exhibition Design team, who are in charge of designing the layout of the gallery space, the concept was also adapted into the cubical, cylindrical and triangular prism stools to be placed throughout the gallery. I explored various design directions, one of which was a projected animation on the title wall in which the three geometric shapes changing in sizes and positions to create spacial tension and visual interests to attract visitors to the gallery – first tempt to incorporate motion work on the title wall design in Guggenheim Museum.


Besides in-gallery graphics, I also designed exhibitions invitations, posters, postcards, pins for kids to wear, online promotional materials. The unique visual identity of the exhibition exist harmoniously with the museum branding.

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